Our commitments


Our mission

We are engaged in a more sustainable approach to conceive innovative and creative outdoor footwear product, reconciling in every days as a long-terme vision and a virtuous company for everyone. 

You will find in this section the sustainable actions taken by Rouchette : 


Work in progress, this section will be ready soon ! 


Ruchette at Rouchette

Because everthing begin by a bee..a flower, a plant...a garden, a boot…



At Rouchette, we want to implement sustainable, environmental and pedagogical solutions to rebalance our carbon footprint, while trying to awake collective conscious about causes such as deforestation. That’s why, since June 2019, Rouchette has been engaged with Reforest’action to plant trees. 


A childhood dream

Who has never dreamed of making their dream come true ?
As part of the game « Draw me the boots of your dream » we are engaged with the charity Rêves to realised children dream.